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The Traffic Department maintains all records pertaining to Traffic Citations issued to persons
in Columbia County. We also collect all fines, provide a list of approved driving schools, and set
court dates for those who wish to contest their infraction violation.

If you are charged with a criminal violation (D.U.I., driving with a suspended license, driving without
a valid drivers license etc.), you must call the County Criminal Department (Misdemeanor)
within 10 days of the citation by calling (386) 758-1048.

If you are charged with a civil infraction (careless driving, speeding etc.) you must elect one of the following three options within 30 days of the citation.

  1. Elect to attend a driving school and pay a fine to avoid having points assessed - DHSMV's List of statewide traffic schools.
  2. Fill out Affidavit for Driving School Election, Click here to view pdf. Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Penalties for Failure to Complete Course and/or Pay Costs and Fees
Your Driver's License will be suspended and points will be assessed. Before your license can be reinstated,
YOU MUST: Pay the balance of the original fee, pay a $18 cancellation fee, pay a $23 late fee and pay a
$60 reinstatement fee to the State of Florida (if applicable)